Bed Pads Add Comfort and Safety To Hospital Beds

Being confined to a hospital bed in any amount of time can be unpleasant, so caregivers look for the best way to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort. Hospital beds aim for patient comfort, but sometimes need additional products in order to achieve this. These products include rail covers and bed pads.

Rail covers are additional pads that guard against patients injuring themselves against the rails. They protect against bumps, bruises, and cuts that can happen while the patient’s skin comes in contact with the bed rails. Caregivers are always vigilant to make sure this does not happen, but it can occur. Covering the rails will prevent this type of injury from occurring to an already injured or ill patient. Get hasta yatağı kiralama

The rail pads are able to be tied on to the rails and don’t get in the way of maneuvering them. The pads are easily folded for storage and ease. They are also easy to put onto the beds and easily washed in soap and water. An important aspect of rail pads is the Staph-Check material. Most pads are latex-free, so they do not harm those with latex allergies.

Pads covering the bed are suitable for those for suffer from incontinence, made with a polyurethane foam that is fire retardant. Highly absorbent, they do the double duty of protecting the patient and keeping them dry. Moisture on a patient’s skin can lend itself to bedsores and skin breakdowns. These are uncomfortable for the patient, and they can cause infection.

Padding used to cover beds is extremely versatile and extends the life of the blankets, sheets and mattresses. The pads can also extend the life of furniture, protecting anywhere the patient is sitting or reclining. The pads can also be used on furniture for incontinent patients, protecting furniture such as beds, sofas or chairs with layers of protection against moisture and bacteria.

Patients who are in hospital beds are there because they are trying to recover from an injury or illness. Complications from being confined to a bed include bruising from bumping into bed rails and bed sores that are prone to infection. Added protection against further injury is often needed to ensure the safety of these patients. Hospitals can help them through a safe and speedy recovery by employing the use of rail covers and bed pads. These products also put the patient and the patient’s family at ease that they are resting in comfort during this difficult time in their lives.


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