Starting A New Life In France

Moving to France brings many benefits. The way of life is much more relaxed meaning that should you have grown tired of the stresses and strains of your current lifestyle, a move across the channel can transform your whole life. The culture doesn’t have any kind of ostentatious competitive streak, meaning that you will get to relax happily, being just who you are without worrying about having to keep up with the Joneses. Whoever they might be.

France is currently rated the place with the highest quality of living in Europe – and in some polls even the world. Since we are in the E.U. a move there is very easy and can be arranged very quickly without the need for the hassle that moving to some other countries may involve. Thousands move there every year, enticed by the great food, exciting culture and the much better weather.

Others are put off moving to France by the thoughts of cost, but with many online removals company the cost can often be very similar to that of moving in the UK. In fact whether you move to France or are moving to Switzerland, the cost can actually be surprisingly low, meaning that a full scale move abroad doesn’t have to be out of anyone’s reach. A move abroad, whether you are moving to Switzerland or France can still seem daunting, but with the array of great information on the web, finding out how to plan every step can be done as quickly as with any normal move. If you are planning on moving to france then go for it.It’s a good thought.

The only real thing to remember is not to rush into it. France may be a fantastic country to live in, but there will still be certain areas that are much more suitable for you to live. Make sure you do plenty of research in to the different areas and visit the area itself before you commit to buy. Before relocating to France, it’s important to make sure your legal standings are in order.

First of all, make sure that your passport is not set to expire within the next 6 months. If it is, contact your local passport office to arrange a renewal.

Secondly, collect any and all legal documents pertaining to your identity. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, employment records, medical records, dental records, academic records and any wills or testaments are essential items that will need to be packed for the move.

Before moving, it’s important to contact the tax office and advise them of your relocation, even if you will be maintaining a UK income and a UK bank account. Once in France, a French bank account can be opened, allowing for utilities and other bills to be set up.

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